Independent ag retailers with complete lines of crop inputs products, services and related technologies.


Brandon Shur-gro

Retail Branch

3-932 Douglas St., 
Brandon MB R7A 7B2

Phone: 204-729-3800 
Fax:      204-729-0214

Manager: Dwayne Durand

Head Office
-932 Douglas St., 
Brandon MB R7A 7B2
Phone: 204-729-3810 
Fax:      204-727-8470

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Dugald Shur-Gro Farm Services

27007 Suthwyn Road,
Box 189
Dugald MB R0E 0K0

Ph: 204-803-8676
Manager: Devin Boitson

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Elie Shur-Gro Farm Services

99 Main St E
Box 220,
Elie MB R0H 0H0

Phone: 204-353-1250
Fax:      204-353-2327

Location: Turn left onto Main St E/Road 61 N Continue to follow Main St E
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Manager: Rick Senecal


Killarney Shur-Gro Farm Services

Box 1139,
Killarney MB R0K 1G0

Phone: 1-204-523-5400
Fax:      1-204-523-5418

Location: North side of town on #18, East side
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Manager: Bart Sutherland

Assistant Manager: Brett Nichol


MacGregor Shur-Gro Farm Services

123 South Railway St E
Box 520,
MacGregor, MB R0H 0R0

Phone: 204-685-5685
Fax:      204-685-5680

Location: South side of town by railroad track
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Neepawa Shur-Gro Farm Services

271 Railway St
Box 455,
Neepawa MB R0J 1H0

Phone: 204-476-7580
Fax:      204-476-7585

Location: North end of town, East of #5 Hwy
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Manager: Cam Tibbett


Niverville Shur-Gro Farm Services

21039 Prefontaine Road, Box 642
Niverville MB R0A 1E0

Phone: 204-388-4818

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Manager: Jeromy Rempel

Assistant Mgr: Corey Blad


Oakville Shur-Gro Farm Services

Box 389,
Oakville, MB R0H 0Y0

Phone: 204-267-2701
Fax:      204-267-2331

Plant #1 — Hwy #1 , 1 mile South of hwy
Plant #2 — South on #13 hwy, East side
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Manager: Cody Brown


Portage Shur-Gro Farm Services

38173 Hwy 1 West
Portage la Prairie MB
R1N 4A8

Phone: 204-857-8741
Fax:      204-239-5849

Location: Hwy#1 bypass by Can-Oat, North side
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Manager: Frank Perrin


Shoal Lake Shur-Gro Farm Services

Box 128,
Shoal Lake MB R0J 1Z0

Phone: 204-759-4240
Fax:      204-759-4249

Location: Hwy 16, West of town, South side
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Manager: Wes Arnfinson

Assistant Manager: Charlee McLaughlin


Waskada Shur-Gro Farm Services

Box 159,
Waskada MB R0M 2E0

Phone: 204-673-2445
Fax:      204-673-2495 

Location: North of town on #452, East side Waskada MB
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Manager: Bryce Wilkinson


Wawanesa Shur-Gro Farm Services

Box 297,
Wawanesa MB R0K 2G0

Phone: 204-824-4050
Fax:      204-824-4059

Location: Hwy # 2, South of hwy
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Manager: Brian Downie


Westbourne Shur-Gro Farm Services

Box 92,
Westbourne MB R0H 1P0

Phone: 204-274-3050
Fax:      204-274-3055
 Chas Lambert

Location: Office – West end of town by #16, Plant — East end of town, by railway
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